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Within the last year, Zulily started to explore on the idea of sweepstakes that would be just for our customers. These were center around promoting a certain product or brand and gave an irresistible opportunity for “mom” to win a prize. Sweepstake projects usually have a quick turn around where all assets are provided from the vendor to create a landing page experience and promo tiles.

In some situations, our vendor’s assets do not meet the basic requirements that will project a successful campaign. This is mainly towards imagery that captures the first sight of the sweepstakes.

My role in the Tom’s of Maine campaign was to art direct and design the landing page experience that promoted their new rapid relief sensitive toothpaste. This was done by creating a theme, carrying out a photoshoot, and over see the design communication between the vendor and us.

Within a 5-day period, we received a total of 6052 submissions which is marked as a success.

The chosen theme of the toothpaste was its relation to sensitive teeth: “a patented, clinically proven formula that provides relief in 60 second.” To cater to this idea, and tie in with their commercial, we decided to engage the idea of “moms”, with sensitive teeth, being able to enjoy ice cream.

In preparation for the photoshoot, I wanted to see various shots of ice-cream or popsicles that worked well. From this, it would serve as a great decorative border and support for the product that I planned to be at the center of the shot.

My concept was to create 2 different shots with the product; one with ice cream, one with popsicles. Secondly, I wanted to make sure the theme was summer based and to get enough light in the studio since these were taken in the middle of November.

Lastly, I wanted to make sure the color palette coordinated with the colors on the packaging. Below are examples of the two types of photos we took.

Tiles & Banners

To promote our sweepstakes, it is important to create tiles and banners in various sizes that will be shown throughout our site. Some of them will be on the homepage/new today, while other are displayed within categories or events. An email banner was also created to be sent out as part of our daily email.


Below are the finalized landing page and confirmation page.