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At Zulily, we are actively trying to get potential models that fit the image of the product we are selling. We want to achieve this by being sensitive to our consumer as well as showcasing the type of energy and image our brand represents.

Our current application page was outdated, uninformative, and didn't represent the benefits one might get while working with Zulily. Cohesively, the studio side of our company didn't have a tool that helped them manage or search all the applicants we had on file.

My role in this project was to fully redesign the application page as well as improving the portfolio filing system for our in house studio team.

A huge pain point for our talent scouters was the lack of information that was included for each profile. We noticed that applicants always narrowed down into one of three categories: men, women, and kids.

Depending on who was applying there were more or less information needed. This included everything from parental permission, opting in for foot or hand modeling, or potentially working with other models.

There are ton of benefits in working with Zulily as a model; perks and benefits that we weren't surfacing before. Highlighting those points would encourage new talent to apply as well as advertise the program as a whole.

Additionally, it was important to provided information on what to expect and how a typical session would be like. We found that a video demonstration could clearly showcase that experience, ensuring that potential models would feel comfortable and excited to work with us.

A final goal for this project was improving the way our talent scouters can shift through the various applicants we get throughout time. This includes everything from searching with various filters and conditions, highlighting profile with both outstanding or poor relations, and being able to search based on features such as general, hair color, and ethnicity.

We also knew that there was a lack of functionality in maintaining and updating all profile information. So a huge push was made to make editing more efficient and cohesive for the user.

  • Vendors and Merch commonly use XLS to complete their work.
  • Enforcing standard by locking headers and only allowing input for displayed measurements.
  • Allowing flexibility between vendors in making certain measurements optional vs required.
  • Formatting correction for naming and numeric sizes after upload.
  • Dynamically attaching new how-to-measure guides.