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Like most invitation programs, zulily has a $15 credit incentive for every new member purchase made on our site. A previous experience was only informational and not actionable which greatly limited the use of the program.

My role in this project was to redesign the invites and credits page that included an older functionality with a seamless workflow that was easy and quick to use. The older functionality was centered around being able to select friends, send an email or social link, and keep track of their status all on one page.

A lot of the collaboration came from both the copy team and the lifecycle acquisition team to figure out how the previous workflow and wording was and where we could make improvements.

The main goal was to integrate a one-page platform where invites can be sent and credits can be tracked. Credits, however, is suppose to display not only invite credits but all platforms whether a return or canceled order occurred. In addition, we wanted to engage our customers by showing them how much credits they were able to gain, in real-time, by inviting new friends.

We also strived to create a seamless, easy-to-use, program that didn’t bombard our customer with too many steps. One too many times do all social platforms get displayed to gain the most traffic, but it wouldn’t be practical if majority of those platforms were only used a fraction of the time. By eliminating unnecessary step and narrowing down options, we hoped to gain new members while rewarding our loyal customers.

Below are some screenshots of apps and sites that were brought up from our brainstorm sessions. Most of them are highly successful apps, but the main attraction was their common clean interface that the stakeholders admired.

With a list of examples and inspirations to brainstorm on, we were able to create specific steps we wanted to take in how to invite new member. It was important to note which platform most customers signed in with to formulate where their list of contact would come from. Majority of the examples from our brainstorm, as well as our researched, aligned in showing that gmail, facebook, yahoo, and outlook were the top platforms used.

After brainstorming, I created a workflow that would help eliminate unnecessary steps. It was extremely important to note that due to the sensitivity information of someone’s contact list, we wanted to create a one timed-out workflow to complete the process of sending invites.

If “mom” decided to leave, refresh, or come back after a certain amount of time, she would have to start the process all over again. But it was vital to make the workflow quick and simple but secure enough where any sensitive contact information was not left vulnerable.

The final sitemap targets both issues of being able to invite friends, seamlessly, multiple times as well as not be frustrated with being timed-out to protect their contact list.