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Tea has been a drink that evolved tremendously throughout time. While the taste stayed true to its roots, the presentation of them has been refined and diversified. Coming in all shapes and form, I wanted to repackage and create a new brand of tea bags that would serve its purpose of high quality taste as well as developing the way it is served. That is the story behind Stone Tea.

A main issue that most tea drinkers would find beneficial is if the tea bags were to settle to the bottom of the cup instead of continuously rising to the top. Using small pieces of soapstone and putting them in the bags creates some sort of weight to keep the tea bag down. Soapstone has been traditionally used for carving, marking, and cooking but has been praised for its quality to retain extreme temperature both high and low. Its amazing, purely natural, characteristic of un-effecting any sort of liquid led it to be marketed as “ice that does not melt” or commonly known as “Whiskey Stones.” Being completely harmless and food-grade safe, these stones could realistically be a highly developing concept for future tea drinkers all over the world.